Preferred Courses and Colleges under Engineering , Architecture and Pharmacy Streams After Third Allotments - KEAM 2021

Dr.Santhosh.S, Former Joint Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala

The third phase of allotment have pushed the last ranks of demanding courses by a minimum of 1000 ranks . The Computer Science Engineering (LR-2507) course is continued to be the most preferred course among the engineering aspirants. It was followed by Computer Science with Data Science (LR-3069), Agriculture Engineering (LR-5688), Chemical Engineering (LR-6316), Electronics & Communications Engineering (LR-7455), Industrial Engineering (LR-7532), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (LR-8812) , Civil Engineering (LR-8942), Diary Technology (LR-9072) and Biotechnology and Biochemical (LR-9259) courses. The Mechanical Engineering course has been pushed down to the last rank of 13370 which is a trend of 2021. Out of the 47629 candidates in the engineering rank list, candidates up to the rank of 16019 were allotted under state merit category in government engineering colleges while it has gone up to the level of 47272 under Economically weaker section. In private self-financing colleges, the last rank of allotment under state merit is 47619.

College of Engineering, Trivandrum (TVE) is continued to be the favourable choice for the engineering courses among the aspirants. It was followed by Thrissur Government Engineering college (TCR), TKM College of Engineering, Kollam (TKM), Mar Athanasious College of Engineering, Kothamangalam (MAC) and Kelappaji College of Agriculture Engineering &Technology (KCT) , Tavanur. College of Engineering, Trivandrum (TVE) was the most favoured for the courses Computer Science Engineering (LR-481), Electronics & Communications Engineering (LR-713), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (LR-1659), Mechanical Engineering (LR-2473), Applied Electronics & Instrumentation (LR-987) ,Civil Engineering (LR-3113) and Industrial Engineering (LR -7532).

Under the government controlled self-financing engineering colleges, Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara (MDL) is leading with meritorious candidates followed by Sri Chithira Thirunal College of Engineering (SCT) and College of Engineering , Chengannur (CHN). In Model Engineering College, the last rank of allotments for CS, EC, EE, ME respectively 1117, 3292, 6882 and 11638.The Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (LR-5443) and Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering courses (LR-9259) of SCT were also attracted by the aspirants.

PA Aziz College of Engineering (PAA-CS-LR 1131) and Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RET-CS-LR 3729) are the only private self-financing engineering colleges which had a last rank of allotment below 5000. RET is the leading institution under this category with other courses like Computer Science with Business Systems (LR-6978) and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (LR-7971) . None of the private self-financing engineering colleges had a last rank of allotments below 10000 except Muthoot Institute of Technology & Science (CS-LR 5828).

The new generation courses of data science coupled with computer science have been attracted by the aspirants this year while the conventional branches of some of the colleges were rejected by the candidates. The third allotment is the last allotment to private self-financing engineering colleges of the state. At this stage, the aspirants have started to choose the course - college combination judiciously under engineering stream unlike choosing most demanding course in any college. There were 11 engineering courses without any takers in 2021resulting in 132 empty course-college combinations out of 146 institutions (G-19, N-25, S-102) with 42 branches of engineering courses. It includes Computer Science Engineering in 5 colleges, Mechanical Engineering in 35 colleges, Electronics & Communications Engineering in 33 colleges, Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 27 colleges and Civil Engineering in 24 colleges. The Automobile Engineering Course is rejected in two colleges while Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics and Instrumentation, Mechanical Production, Metallurgical and Materials and Robotics & Automation courses had no options in one college each. The list included one government-controlled engineering college (PJR) for Electronics & Communications course.

The architecture course has turned to be a demanding course among aspirants. The College of Engineering, Trivandum (TVE) is the favourable choice for the Architecture course (LR-39) followed by Thrissur Government Engineering college (TCR-LR 141) and TKM College of Engineering, Kollam (TKM-Lr 158).Candidates up to the rank of 179 were received allotment under state merit category and under Economically Weaker section category the last rank was 923 in government architecture colleges.

Among the Private Self-financing Architecture colleges the choices were College of Architecture , Trivandrum (NVR- Last Rank of allotment 434), MES School of Architecture, Kuttippuram (MRR – Last Rank of allotment 551) and Avani Institute of Design, Kozhikkode (AVR- Last Rank of allotment 591. Candidates up to the rank of 2930 and 2618 were received allotments under state merit and economically weaker sections respectively in Architecture course after the third allotment under private self-financing architecture colleges.

In the case B.Pharm allotments, Kozhikkode Pharmacy college (LR-653) followed by Allapuzha (LR- 1484 ) Government Pharmacy College and Trivandrum (LR- 1587 ) were the preferred colleges under pharmacy stream. Among Self-financing Pharmacy colleges, Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Cheruvandoor (LR-4988), MGM Silver Jubilee College, Kilimanoor (LR-6499) and Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Puthuppalli ( LR-6527) were the favoured colleges. Candidates up to the rank of 30064 were received allotments under state merit category while the last rank of allotments under economically weaker section has received up to the rank of 47106.