Dr.Santhosh.S, Former Joint Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala

The vacancy filling for MBBS and BDS courses were done through mop-up allotments by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations. There were 34 vacancies for MBBS and 262 vacancies for BDS under state merit in all colleges together. This year all candidates in the rank list were allowed to participate in the vacancy filling process even for transfer of colleges unlike yester years which is a welcome move for the aspirants. It will protect the merit of the candidates keeping the transparency in the allotments. The last ranks of earlier allotments may not be comparable with that of the mop-up allotment as the allotments were based on fresh options from the eligible candidates with fewer candidates to participate.

The allotments have indicated 1086 movements of candidates for all categories out of which 482 were for MBBS and 604 for BDS courses. There observed 39 allotments for MBBS and 72 for BDS in government colleges in all categories together. There were 34 tentative vacancies for MBBS in all colleges under state merit but the allotments were resulted in 159 movements in MBBS course. It is evident that the mop-up allotments will induce a chain reaction to all categories and colleges according to the options from the candidates resulting more movements than vacancies. So the meritorious candidates are advised to participate in seeking their preferred choices of courses and colleges, in a situation of unconditional allotments.

The last ranks of the allotted candidates have indicated a consistent forward change in MBBS and BDS courses in all categories except the last rank of SC(13635 compared to 14222 in second allotment ) and KU (35836 compared to 37400 in second allotment) categories for BDS course in government and private dental colleges respectively. The candidate with rank 1178(KNM) were allotted to MBBS in government medical colleges as against 7904 (AAM) of self-financing medical colleges. Candidates belonging to economically weaker sections were allotted up to 2961(PKM) and 14573 (DMM) respectively to government and self-financing medical colleges.

The last rank of allotted candidates were 3813 (ALD) and 38818 (CDC) in BDS course of government and self-financing dental colleges respectively.

The last rank of allotments in selected categories are given in the following table.


GOVT 1178 2961 1551 1484 - - - - - 11024 -
SELF-FINANCING 7904 14573 8134 8145 7910 9846 8523 - 12757 12937 -
GOVT 3813 7156 4682 4020 8279 9105 - 5354 15525 13605 27229
SELF-FINANCING 38818 30661 36417 35140 34035 36416 32639 26491 32965 32201 38604

Trends in the allotments of Medical-Allied Courses after the second Allotment - KEAM 2021

Dr.Santhosh.S, Former Joint Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Kerala

The second allotment to the four medical courses BAMS,BHMS, BSMS and BUMS along with allotments to the allied courses B.V.Sc & AH , B.Sc (Hon.) (Agriculture ), B.Sc (Hon.) Forestry, B.F.Sc Fisheries, B.Sc (Hons.) Climate change and Environmental Science, B.Sc. (Hons.) Co-operation & Banking and B.Tech Biotechnology were done after the second allotments to MBBS/BDS courses under KEAM 2021. A total of 5357 candidates were allotted to MBBS/BDS courses whereas 2031 were allotted to the allied courses in all categories. There were 17 Ayurveda medical colleges, five Homoeo medical colleges and one each for Sidha and Unani courses under the medical stream. In the allied stream , there were 11 institutions for allotment. The last rank of allotted candidate under medical stream is 9058 (BHMS) for government colleges and 28144 (BUMS) for self-financing stream under state merit category. The allied courses had the allotment up to the rank of 9722 (B.Sc. Co-operation & Banking) under state merit category.

Among the allied courses B.V.Sc & AH (AV) is the most preferred course after MBS/BDS followed by B.Sc (Hon.) (Agriculture ) (AA), BAMS (BA), B.Sc (Hon.) Forestry (FR) and B.F.Sc Fisheries(AF). The last ranks of the allotted candidates were respectively 4150 (AV), 5721 (AA), 7340 (BA), 7843 (FR) and 8521 (AF) under state merit (SM). The College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Trichur (TCV) , College of Agriculture (COH), Trichur and College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Wayanad (WYV) were the favoured institutions preferred by the aspirants among the allied courses. Candidates up to the rank of 9321 have received allotments in B.Sc (Hons.) Climate change and Environmental Science while the last rank of allotted candidate was 9722 to the course B.Sc. (Hons.) Co-operation & Banking as compared to the last rank of 8203 for B.Tech Biotechnology. The candidates belonging to economically weaker section have received allotments up to the rank of 12570 in one of the allied courses.

AYUSH aspirants have preferred Kottakal Ayurveda medical college (KTL-LR 5882) followed by Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum (TVA-LR-6853) and Ayurveda medical college , Pariyaram (KNA-LR-7007) for BAMS course among government colleges.

The last rank of allotment to BAMS course was 7340 under government sector and in private self-financing colleges , candidates up to the rank of 26198 have received allotment. The Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurveda medical college, Trivandrum (PKJ-LR 17000) followed by Ahalia Ayurveda medical college, Palakkad (AHA – LR 21741) and Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikilsalayam and Vidhyapeedham, Palakkad (AST – LR 22460) were the preferred Ayurveda medical colleges by the meritorious AYUSH candidates. The candidates from economically weaker sections have received allotments up to the rank of 12177 in government colleges for BAMS course as compared to 35779 in private sector under state merit category.

KEAM aspirants have favoured Kozhikkode Homoeo Medical college (LR 6218) and Trivandrum Homoeo Medical college (LR 8115) as their top choices for BHMS course. The last rank of allotment to BHMS is 9058 under state merit and 14631 for economically weaker section candidates. The last rank of allotments for BSMS and BUMS courses are 27611 and 28144 respectively during the second allotment.

Many meritorious medical aspirants had to forego MBBS course as it is not affordable to them with the self-financing fees structure. They were forced to choose allied courses as can be observed from the last rank of allotments in the allied courses like BVSc (LR-4150), BSc(Agri.) (LR-5721),BAMS (LR-5882),BHMS (6218) which are better ranked candidates who were blocked by the affordability factor of fees as compared to the last rank of allotment of 6736 to MBBS course in self-financing medical colleges after the second allotment. The apex court has streamlined the MBBS admissions with progressive changes conducive of medical admissions like the single test at All India level ,entrusted the allotment process with government authorities and regulated the number of allotments to avoid the delay in admissions. It has improved the transparency, fairness and has prevented the exploitation of medical aspirants.

Now it is time to focus the affordability factor of the meritorious medical aspirants who could not take the MBBS admissions in self-financing stream even they secured top ranks in the All India competitive entrance test. There is a need of merit seats with fees at the levels of government medical colleges to increase the fairness of medical admissions in the country.

Next phase of KEAM will be vacancy filling through mop-up allotments where the rules are different and this year aspirants can expect progressive changes in the mop-up process for which they have to watch the forthcoming notifications of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations of Kerala.