Forms Downloads
Driving License :
New Combined Driving License Form (Download)
1 Form No.1 (Download)
2 Form No.2 (Download)
3 Form No.3 (Download)
4 Form No.4 (Download)
Form 1 to 4 required for driving license
5 Eye Certificate(Download)
6 Form 1A Medical Certificate (Download)
7 Form No.8 (Addition of new class of vehicle) (Download)
8 Form LTVA (Authorisation to drive transport vehicles) (Download)
9 Form 9 (Renewal of Driving License) (Download)
10 Form CLD (Form of intimation of license & application for duplicate)(Download)
11 Form DLLD (Application for duplicate driving license) (Download)
Registration of vehicle :
12 Application for Fancy Number Booking (Download)
Checklist for Registration of Vehicles
13 Application for Registration of New vehicle (Download)
14 Application for Renewal of Motor vehicle other than transport vehicle – Form 25
15 Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration - Form 26 (Download)
16 Application for assignment of new Registration Mark to vehicle - Form 27 (Download)
17 Application for No Objection Certificate to a vehicle - Form 28(Download)
18 Application for Transfer of Owership of a vehicle - Form 29 (Download)
19 Report of Transfer of Owenership of vehicle - Form 30(Download)
20 Application for transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle - Form 31 (Download)
21 Application for transfer of ownership in case of a motor vehicle purchased or acquired in Public Auction Form - 32 (Download)
22 Intimation of change of address for recording in the Certificate of Registration and office records - Form - 33 (Download)
23 Application for making an entry of an Agreement of Hire Purchase / Lease Hypothecation subsequent to registration - Form 34 (Download)
24 Notice of Termination of Hire puchase / Hypothication - Form - 35(Download)
25 Application for issue of a fresh Certificate of Registration in the name of the Financier - Form - 36(Download)
26 Application for grant of permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle - Form - 45(Download)
27 Form of application for grant - of authorization or tourist permit or national permit - Form - 46 (Download)
28 Authorisation for Tourist Permit or National Permit - Form - 47 (Download)
29 Application for the grant of National Permit - Form - 48(Download)
30 Form of Application For a Conductor’s Licence - Form CLA (Download)
31 Form of Application For Renewal of Conductors Licence (Download)
33 Application for Renewal of Certificate of Fitness(Download)