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  • Sir
    I'm studying +2 after this I would like to take
    BSC nautical science
    How is the admission and its exam 2020,and collage details

    Posted by Muhammad Hafis, Kanjiramattom On 12.11.2019 View Answer
  • Sir
    I am studying 12th science after this I would like to do Bsc nautical science or diploma in nautical science
    How get admission for 2020 and also the collage details

    Posted by Muhammad midlaj, Ernakulam On 09.11.2019 View Answer
  • ഭാരതീയ നാവിക സേനയിൽ 2020 ഓഗസ്റ്റ്‌ ആരംഭിക്കുന്ന ആർട്ടിഫൈസർ അപ്രന്റീസ്, സീനിയർ സെക്കണ്ടറി റിക്രൂട്ടിറ്സ് ഇലേക്ക് ഓൺലൈൻ അപേക്ഷ ക്ഷണിച്ചുകൊണ്ടുള്ള വിജ്ഞാപനം കാണുകയുണ്ടായി. നിലവിൽ 12 il പടിക്കുന്ന വിദ്യാർത്ഥി അപേഷിക്കൻ യോഗ്യത ഉണ്ടോ ??

    Posted by Yadhu krishnan, Ernakulam On 08.11.2019 View Answer
  • Hello sir,

    My nephew right now doing his plus one in 4th group. SO he would like to do some professional course after the completion of his 12th, so which course is preferable for him. Please advice me on this subject

    Posted by Sumjith, Kuwait On 07.11.2019 View Answer
  • I have a doubt regarding the 6 months degree. I contacted the institution they confirmed that it's UGC approved. It's 6 months degree where we write all the examinations on one sitting. They offer degrees from universities name "Calorx university, Gujarath","tagore university" etc.

    IS there any way to check the legitimacy of these degree. They added that all the central government examination can be applied using this degree.
    If possible please provide a phone number so that I can contact your team directly.

    Posted by vishnu, athani On 06.11.2019 View Answer
  • ഡിഗ്രി സയൻസ് സ്റ്റുഡന്റസ് ആണ് .ഐഐഎം -ഇൽ എംബിഎ എടുക്കാൻ താത്പര്യപ്പെടുന്നു .എംബിഎ അഡ്മിഷൻ എളുപ്പമാക്കാൻ വേണ്ടി ഏതെങ്കിലും ഓൺലൈൻ കോഴ്സ് ഇണ്ടോ.

    Posted by Midhun, Aluva On 06.11.2019 View Answer
  • +2 ഇല് ബയോളജി പഠികക്ുന്നതു ഡിഗ്രീ ഇല് Electronic അല്ലെങ്കിൽ Sociology എടുക്കുവാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു. പ്രവേശന വ്യവസ്ഥകൾ എന്തെല്ലാം ആണു്?

    Posted by Sneha, Palakkad On 05.11.2019 View Answer
  • Recently ive asked a query regarding 6months degree. Thank you gettinf back.

    I have one more point to add. Its a degree that was obtained by 6 moths, but the certificate will hbe of 3 years. Examination of subjects or papers will be written once. These advertisements were found newspapers. Please check and assist.

    Requesting for an updates.

    Posted by Vishnu, Athani On 04.11.2019 View Answer
  • I am studying in +2. I would like to go to UAE/European countries for Btech (computer science). through what all ways can I go there??
    1) different entrance exams available for Indian students????
    2) scholarships available???
    3) the college in European country must have good placement,good campus, etc...?? The country must have the advantage that PR can be made easily.??

    Posted by Sayana, kannur,kerala On 03.11.2019 View Answer
  • I am studying in +2, I would like to go to UAE/UK for Btech, (computer science). What all ways can I get admissions there with less expenses,
    1) which are the different entrance exams available for this?
    2) different scholarships??
    3) best colleges in UAE/UK with good placement,good campus,less expense..etc???
    4)best colleges in the country in UK where we can get PR easily

    Posted by Sayana, kannur,kerala On 03.11.2019 View Answer
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