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  • My daughter has registered for JEE Main 2013. However, she would like to change the exam mode from Pen Paper to Computer Based. I understand from the JEE site that this is possible but we do not know the procedure.

    The CBSE site says, "candidates can rectify their incorrect particulars except change of examination cities and option for change of mode of examination from Computer Based Examination (online) to Pen & Paper based examination (Offline)" (See the link This has an implication that change from Paper based to Computer based is possible. The facility for making alterations will be activated in second week of January only. If you have completed the registration formalities, by now, it will not be possible to change any information given,at this time point.
  • Is it possible to me to transfer my college affiliated to MG university to CUSAT during the 2nd year of my studies since Im allotted on merit basis? If so when will be its application time and what are the criteria to be satisfied ?

    You can apply for inter university transfer as and when the notification is issued by the University concerned. It can be expected any time after March. Usually change is given to the same category of seats only. Details will be there in the Notification

  • In application for neet ug , i had applied DELHI , TAMIL NADU AND KARNATAKA for the state choice 1, 2 and 3. But i came to know that i am not eligible for these states. Is correction possible for the state eligiblity choice ? since i am from kerala will i be given seats in kerala state quota since i have not written it in the state choice.

    First of all, it is a wonder why you didn't include Kerala if you are a Kerala origin. While filling the application form you should have been more careful. In your case only All India quota will be considered. Otherwise, contact the cbse directly and take up the matter.
  • I belong to OBC Category. My parents are Govt.employees.Not class one. Both of them have annual gross salary of about 4 to 5 lakhs. Can I claim OBC reservation for NEET?

    The cut off for NCL is 4.5 lakhs.
  • What is the difference between percentage and percentile? 

    Difference between percentage and percentile is one that of your score compared with others who wrote the exam. Percentile ranks are commonly used to clarify the interpretation of scores on standardized tests. For the test theory, the percentile rank of a raw score is interpreted as the percentages of examinees in the norm group who scored below the score of interest.

    Suppose 100 people take a test of 50 items. If one of them got 40 of the items correct, then the percentage that he got correct is 80. He got 80 percent of the items correct. But we don't know what percentile he is in until we see what scores the other 99 people got.

    Suppose that all 99 of those other people got only 60% (or fewer) of the items correct. Then the person who got 80% did better than all other 99 people. He did better than 99% of the whole group of 100, so he is in the 99th percentile. 
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